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Welcome to Astro Village

SURYANARAYANA SHARMA MANTHA is citizen of India based in Hyderabad. Since childhood he is devotee of Gaayatri Devi and Shivji. And he is a Srividya Upasak. With the blessings of God he got interested in Astrology and furthermore is blessed with an intuition power for accurate predictions.

Sharma says that without the blessings of upasana power and only by just referring to books the predictions will not be accurate .....

  Personal Counseling  

30 minutes personal counseling to understand and solve all your query at Hyderabad office or Other Location available.

Taking Appointment is easy now for web user

Step 1 Give your details
Step 2 Calender, where you can choose Location,              Date and Time
Step 3 Payment option
Step 4 Confirmation with in 24 hrs

  People Says  
  I have in the past consulted a lot of so called world famous Astrologers but none of them are in the same league as MVSN Sharma.......

Sridhar Reddy,
Managing Director, U.S.A

As you predicted that before 14th April 2007 I will be married your prediction comes true
I got married on 12/4/2007

Best regards / Shreekant.Patil


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